May Considers Latest Gamble to Get Brexit Done Within Next Month

Theresa May is considering a new tactic in her desperate bid to deliver Brexit.

The prime minister’s deal has been rejected three times by Parliament, and if she doesn’t get it done within a month she’ll have to fight European elections that will be punishing for her party.

So instead of putting the deal itself back to lawmakers, she’s going to try her luck with a proxy instead — a piece of legislation that would enshrine her deal in law.

It’s a gamble, and she’s lost many of those already, but the idea is that her opponents will be able to add their own Brexit wishes to the legislation with amendments. Once they’ve done that it might stand a chance of passing, according to one person familiar with government thinking.

She’s pinning her hopes on Labour members of Parliament voting for the bill, even though talks with the Labour leadership aimed at finding a Brexit consensus have so far failed to make progress.

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