Smokers find it 9 times harder to find a home to rent than non-smokers

by Laura Nineham

Sep 6, 2010

Smokers have a difficult time finding homes to rent in the UK, according to new research from a room search website.

As reported by The Press Association, a third of smokers lie about their habit in order to secure a home to rent. That's because just 7% of landlords will allow tenants to smoke in their properties. 38% of landlords say they'd evict a tenant caught smoking indoors.

The research was conducted by, and found that over two-thirds of smokers live in non-smoking accommodation; 35% of those lied about their habit in order to land a house share.

Furthermore, only a fifth of tenants are willing to share their home with a smoker, and over a third don't want their housemates to smoke indoors.

"With smoking in pubs and restaurants off the cards, the last refuge for smoking - at home - is being eroded now, too," said Jonathan Moore, director of "There's been a strong shift in attitudes towards smoking, and the tolerance levels of smokers since the smoking ban. Smoker-friendly accommodation has been squeezed as a result."

Previously tobacco-tolerant landlords have extended the smoking ban to their properties, as the number of smokers has dropped by a quarter in the last 10 years. With the golden age of homeownership declared as dead, a growing number of people are seeking out rented accommodation because they can't afford to stump up a deposit for a house.

Being a smoker means you'll find it harder than the nine out of ten people who don't smoke, as competition for rooms increases and landlords or existing tenants become more picky.

Anyone struggling to find a smoker-friendly home to rent could always consider stop smoking hypnotherapy - a tool which helps smokers kick the habit by dealing with subconscious cravings without having to go cold turkey.

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